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Safari UT 1300

$ 899.00 USD

This new lithium battery replaces lead acid batteries for energy storage and for auxiliary power. Enjoy all the great benefits over lead acid. Lasts longer, limited lifetime warranty, longer run time, camp 2x longer, lift and dump 4x more on a single charge. Maintenance free it retains charge up to 2 years. It weighs less, only 23 lbs, group 24 size. With faster charge time the Safari UT1300 leaves o carbon footprint or emissions during use. Easy to use just plug and play. The perfect replacement for lead acid batteries.

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12.8V / 105Ah / 1344Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. Charge at up to 100A Continuous; Discharge Up to 150A. Battery Class - Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry - LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate (also called LFP - Lithium FerroPhosphate) Rated Capacity - 12.8 V / 56 Ah / 716 Wh

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